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    Long perceived as inferior to the art produced under the Goryeo dynasty (935-1392) and earlier, and neglected by the elite of the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), who preferred landscapes and secular subjects, Joseon-era Buddhist art is now coming into its own. Still little known outside of Korea, quality pieces are becoming harder to find within Korea and prices are rising steadily.Lotus & Persimmon is pleased to present a number of pieces dating from the late Joseon period. Exact dates and provenance are difficult to determine because the artists in this genre were traditionally anonymous, and the upheavals of the 20th century in Korea led to the war-time destruction of many temples and the loss or undocumented dispersal of their contents, but our temple paintings almost certainly date from before the end of the dynasty in 1910, and some pieces may date from the mid-nineteenth century or even earlier. The prices of individual pieces reflect both age and quality, although the latter may outweigh the former.

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