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Lotus and Persimmon


Lotus & Persimmon is an emporium dedicated to the art and artifacts of Asia.

The lotus symbolizes tropical Southeast Asia, where it floats serenely on calm water surfaces from rivers to courtyard basins.  The persimmon represents temperate Northeast Asia, where it burnishes the autumnal glory of gardens and valleys.


The proprietor

David Gemeinhardt

brings an eye honed by nearly two decades' residence in the Far East to the curation of Lotus & Persimmon's collection.  Featured are antique, vintage and new items, including Buddhist art, calligraphy, scroll paintings, ceramics, textiles, lacquer ware, books and furniture, as well as all manner of curiosities and objects.  

Our Speciality

Lotus & Persimmon particularly excels in the growing collector's field of Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) Buddhist temple art from Korea.  

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