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Macau: Leal Senado Building

L&P inspects a handsome Portuguese-built colonial building in Macau, the Leal Senado.

Hong Ping Restaurant

L&P samples the food at Hong Ping Restaurant in London, ON, and gives it the thumbs up.

L&P Goes to Market

L&P sets up shop at Kincardine's Monday Market.

Korean Floral & Still Life Prints

For sale: Prints of floral and still life works by contemporary Korean embroidery artists.

Aga Khan Museum

Agog at the Aga Khan Museum.

Myanmar: Yangon

L&P visits historic Yangon, formerly Rangoon, Myanmar's colonial capital.

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Thai Royalty: Who's who?

A brief guide to the senior living members of the Thai royal family.

Thai Titles: A Quick Guide

Thailand's ruling class uses a system of titles that is unfamiliar to outsiders. Read this quick guide for...

Teatime at a Temple

L&P takes tea at Geumsan Temple in Korea.

Happy Lunar New Year!

2017 Lunar New Year's greetings from L&P to you.

Rambutan Hotel & Resort: Review

L&P reviews the Rambutan Resort in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Old Korea, Part 6

Part 6 of Charles Dallet's 1874 description/ethnography of Old Korea, translated from the French.

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