Gallery Revamp

Gallery Revamp

The summer market season is now over.  I've spent several hours this week unpacking and re-arranging things in the gallery, images of which I'm going to share with you.  

I didn't bother to unpack between market trips, so a lot of items lived in boxes from early July through early October.  I would take them out and then put them back in if they remained unsold.  In the photo below, the boxes have just come in from the car.

I only took the smaller items to market.  The big sellers were the ceramics and textiles.  About half of the ceramics found buyers, compared to about 90% of the textiles.  

This is the box-free version:

I asked Lotus & Persimmon's Facebook page followers whether they preferred the antique Qing table with or without the vintage tais from East Timor/Timor Leste on it (see above).  They voted for without (see below).

The table is shown to better advantage this way, isn't it?

The Buddhist statuary is now back in its display cabinet.  I've also added a few other items to the shelves.  There's no obvious reason to put the brass bowls next to the Buddha image, except that there's a commonality of material.  They give each other a sort of glow. 

Only 2 of the statues got sold over the summer, and only one of the metal ones.  These are not bargain items, of course.  Lots of people inquired about the chair, but it found no buyer.  

Most of the other furniture is on the other side of the room, including the Vietnamese lacquer chests.  I actually used them to transport the ceramics and textiles.  The red one in the foreground of the photo below is about to be unpacked.

After I unpacked it, it got moved to the left side of the room.  On the right side, I stacked the Korean black lacquer inlaid tables.

The remaining Korean celadon pieces have returned to the top of the cabinet.  About half of the celadon got sold in the first month of the market season...and then nothing.  Hopefully the remaining half (pictured below) will sell at the beginning of the 2018 season if not at Christmas!

Before the summer, the fireplace mantle was populated mainly by ceramics.  Since the population has decreased, I've moved the antique Chinese tea and incense caddies onto it.  I'm not entirely sure they'll stay there...

On the whole, I was pleased with the outcome of the season.  Unless Christmas shoppers clean me out -- which seems unlikely -- I look forward to returning to the Monday Market in Kincardine's Victoria Park in the spring of 2018.  I'm also hoping to take Lotus & Persimmon to some shows next year.  

Did you know that Lotus & Persimmon has a Facebook page and a gallery on Instagram?  Please 'like' and follow! 

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