Chinese Food in Macau

Chinese Food in Macau

Generally speaking, I prefer to focus on Portuguese and Macanese food when I go to Macau.  On a couple of occasions, however, I have sampled some Chinese cuisine in the former Portuguese colony.  

On my first visit to Macau back in 2008, I had a very memorable bowl of Cantonese-style noodles at a hole-in-the-wall place near Vasco da Gama square.  Sadly, no photographs of that meal survive.  

Some years later, I think it must have been in October, 2014, a local friend who works in accounting for one of the big casinos invited me to dinner at the Grand Lisboa (pictured below).  For those who might not be familiar with the casino scene, the Grand Lisboa is the grande dame of the big Macau gambling houses.  It pre-dates the handover of the colony from Portugal to China in 1999 (although the current building only dates from 2007), and thus also pre-dates the arrival of the big American casinos, such as the Wynn and the MGM.  

The noodles pictured below are not actually from that visit, but from one a year or so later.  There are numerous restaurants in this most bling-y of Macau venues, but the noodle restaurant is on the mezzanine floor that overlooks the tables.  It's called RTC - Noodle & Congee.  RTC stands for Round-the-Clock, which is an apt name since the place is open 24 hours a day.  Apart from noodles and congee, they also offer a selection of small plates, or dim sum.  On the 2 occasions that I've eaten there, I've had noodles in soup (don't remember exactly which kind, but have a look at the picture of my bowl below) and a selection of dim sum.  Both were very good, and not as expensive as you might think, given the surroundings.  Then there's the added fun of watching the action on the gaming floor -- if you can snag a table by the railing, that is.  

My only other venture into Chinese cuisine in Macau has been at a much more low-key establishment.  I didn't note its name when I was there, but I've since looked it up on Google maps.  If I'm reading my map correctly, the place is called Seong Hui Cheong Seng Choi Kung Restaurant.  It's slightly uphill from the Leal Senado building and Senado Square.  

At the time, I assumed that it was Cantonese-style food, but I could be wrong. The main dishes that my friend and I ordered are pictured below.  Lemon chicken never disappoints, but the highlight for me was the green bean dish. I can't recall if the other dish was only mushrooms or mushrooms with tofu.  Either way, it was very tasty as well.    

You notice that there's no booze on the table?  Have no fear, it's not because it's not available.  The restaurant offers a range of beer, Portuguese wine, and Chinese spirits.  My friend and I were having a pre-concert dinner, though, and didn't want to risk falling into a booze-addled sleep in the middle of the performance, so we opted for tea.  The tea cups are bottomless, of course.  

And that, I'm afraid, is it, as far as my experience of Chinese food in Macau goes.  Coming next week on the blog: an article about Portuguese and Macanese food, about which I have much more to say!

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