Summer Updates for L&P

Summer Updates for L&P

I was startled this morning to realize that it's been almost 3 weeks since I last posted on the blog. It's been a busy time here at Lotus & Persimmon, what with the impending move. I have been posting regularly on the L&P Facebook page, though, which those of you who follow it will know. If you're not following it, please do!

First, about the move. I'm about to start packing up the L&P collection ahead of my and its move to London, ON, which is about 2 hours' drive away from our current location in Kincardine. Why? I'm going back to school, specifically to do an MA at my alma mater, the University of Western Ontario. It starts in September, but I'm moving in June. 

That raises a few practical issues, of which the most important is space. Since I'm losing over 300 square feet of living space -- the new place is a one bedroom condo unit -- I need to purge both some of my personal possessions and some of the L&P collection.  

I've just sold a red Chinese-style cabinet, which has freed up some space. The picture below shows it in the gallery last year.

And this picture shows the room without it. The biscuit colour of the left wall is much more noticeable now.

Naturally, the things that were displayed in the red cabinet have now had to migrate elsewhere.  The brass Buddha ended up on the faux-Ming horseshoe back chair.

Some items are now populating the mantle.

And still others have settled on top of the large Korean cabinet.

Speaking of that cabinet, it needs to go, too. I've started by offering it on the local sell-and-swap site. 

Although it looks antique, it isn't. It's probably not more than 30 years old. I've offered it for $125, which I think is a bargain, so we'll see what happens.  

Fortunately, the summer market season will start before the move. The Monday Market in the Park here in Kincardine, ON, kicks off this coming Monday, 21 May, and continues until Labour Day, 3 September. That means most of the smaller L&P pieces will be loaded into the car on Sunday evening. If you're in the area, you can find us in Victoria Park on Monday. The official hours, I believe, are 10AM to 2PM, but vendors are permitted to set up earlier and stay later. I expect to be there until about 4pm.

Why buy from L&P at the market? Mainly because it's cheaper. I give a discount on the website prices and of course you're not paying for shipping and handling if you buy in person.  

See you there!

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