Rama X Proclaimed (Almost)

Rama X Proclaimed (Almost)

The odd kingless interregnum after His late Majesty's death on 13 October finally seems to have come to an end.  As of 30 November, the Bangkok Post, one of Thailand's 2 English-language dailies, is referring to the former Crown Prince as 'His Majesty.'  

Nonetheless, a bit of murk remains.  According to an article in The Nation, the other English-language daily, the Crown Prince has only been 'invited' to ascend the throne by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), the unelected body currently standing in as 'Parliament.'  In this scenario, the new/soon-to-be-King is supposed hold an audience at which he will accept the invitation.  Once this is done, he will officially be proclaimed Rama X.   

The NLA's invitation was extended on 29 November, but, as of the time of this writing (late 30 November/early 1 December depending on your location), no audience by the new king has been reported yet in the Bangkok Post or The Nation.  

All of these proceedings are in order, according to the constitution.  That would be the 2007 constitution if you're keeping count.  Although the current military-installed government is re-writing that constitution, its section on the succession is apparently still valid.  

Still, I have to say that, given the general mood of the country in recent years, a more expeditious proclamation of the new King would have been advisable.  For one thing, it would have shut down the rumour mill.  

A new portrait of the presumptive Rama X has been released:

Credit: Wiki Commons

If you'd like to read about the succession process in detail, here's a link to the special section about it on the Bangkok Post's website: http://www.bangkokpost.com/hot-topics/1144368/royal-succession.

I hope to report back on the new King's definitive proclamation by the end of the week.  In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, you can post them below, on the Lotus & Persimmon Facebook page, or in the Lotus & Persimmon gallery on Instagram.

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