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  • Living With Asian Decor

    Living With Asian Decor

    I believe in using my Asian art, decorative items and homeware every day in every room.Read More

  • Lacquer ware anyone?

    Lacquer ware anyone?

    Lacquer ware has been made for centuries the length and breadth of East Asia. I didn't pay much attention to it until I moved to Vietnam, and even then I found it too shiny for my taste. Eventually, though, it began to grow on me -- enough, in fact, to inspire a bit of shopping. Imagine my excitement then, when I happened on some silver and gold Vietnamese trays while browsing through the stalls at the Itaewon Antiques Fair in Seoul. This outdoor event takes place on the streets of the Itaewon district every October, which is the sunniest month of the year in Korea. Naturally, I bought them all.But what does one do with a silver lacquer tray? Myself, I find they come in very handy for serving for afternoon coffee for one. Read More

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