Seoul Flea Market Finds

Seoul Flea Market Finds

Trawling through my Dropbox archive, I found this photo of my living room in Haebangchon, Seoul, a year ago today:

My flea market purchases were threatening to overwhelm the space.  As the clock counted down to my departure from Seoul after a decade's residence, I began to buy more and more.  Basically, every weekend I would head off to the Dongmyo flea markets and buy as much as I could within a certain budget.  The amount varied, but usually no more than 100,000KRW.  There were exceptions, of course, such as the inlaid black lacquer stacked chest at left, which was considerably more than 100,000.

For comparison, here's a view of the same room in 2013:

I had to get rid of the sofa at left to make way for more flea market finds.  I had my last overnight guests about 6 months before I left Seoul, and before they left for the airport, the male half of the couple helped me manhandle the sofa down 3 flights of stairs.  In Seoul, you can leave furniture on the street for pick up as long as you buy a sticker for it from your local dong (sub-district) office.  Often things are spirited away before the official pick up even happens. 

Here are two views of the current Lotus & Persimmon office-gallery in Ontario:


How many items in these two pictures do you recognize from the first two pictures?  

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