Living With Asian Decor

Living With Asian Decor

It's my firm belief that Asian art and decorative items are to be lived with and not merely put on display in one or two areas of the house.  

For instance, I eat off my blue and white Korean crockery every day.  

During my years in Seoul, I slowly built up a complete service for 4 of this lovely blue and white Korean crockery featuring ancient Chinese seal-script characters.  I have round plates in 3 different sizes, plus other shapes to use as serving dishes, not to mention bowls.  In total, there are 31 pieces.  

If I'm eating in my kitchen, I can look at my framed Korean landscape painting.  

My kitchen has a breakfast bar in the middle of it, which is what the plate is sitting on.  I use the area beyond the bar as a reading nook -- you can't see at this angle, but there's a colonial art deco chair from Saigon between the bar and the floor lamp -- and storage area.  

The aforementioned Korean landscape on the far wall is quite large, nearly 2m long.  I almost put my back out hanging it. It's not quite level, but I'm not going to risk an injury to re-hang it properly!  

I bought this unsigned work at a flea market, so I have no idea who the artist is, nor exactly what the scene is.  There are cherry blossoms, so it must be a spring scene.

Here's a closer view:

I presume the mountains must be either the Seorak range or the Geumgang range, since those are the most commonly painted ones in traditional Korean art (as far as I know).  

If anyone can identify them or shed light on the identity of the artist, please comment below, on the Lotus & Persimmon Facebook page, or in the Lotus & Persimmon gallery on Facebook.    

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