L&P Goes to Market

L&P Goes to Market

Lotus & Persimmon was conceived as an online emporium, but when I made the move from Seoul to Kincardine, ON, to be near my octogenarian mother, I discovered that there was a seasonal market in the town's main public park: The Market in the Park.  

The park in question is Victoria Park, which also plays host to the annual Scottish Festival.  This market, not to be confused with the seasonal farmer's market which runs on Saturdays in a different park, takes place most Mondays from Victoria Day (24 May, or whichever Monday is nearest) until Thanksgiving, which in Canada falls on the second Monday in October.  

I'm still not entirely sure that Lotus & Persimmon's audience is at this market, but since the venue is only 5 minute's drive from the Lotus & Persimmon headquarters, I decided to give it a go.  

Step 1: Have a sign made.  

Step 2: Set off for the market and leave the sign behind.  Note to self: leave the sign in the car 24/7.  

Some brave vendors exhibit their wares under the open sky.  Knowing our chancy lakeside weather (Kincardine is on the shore of Lake Huron, one of the largest freshwater lakes on Earth), however, I opted to get a tent, as most vendors do.  

The L&P tent is pictured below, minus the sign.

It was clear to me as soon as I decided to try the market out that the best products to exhibit would be the smallest, lightest, and most portable ones.  

The first ones that sprang to mind were the textiles.  They're very light and very easy to display.  In fact, they can just be hung from the superstructure of the tent.  

I grouped all the pashminas together:

 Ditto for the Cambodian cotton scarves:

Not to mention the tais from Timor Leste:

The next most obviously portable products were the hanging scrolls.

Finally, to round out the offerings, I selected a variety of small objects to display on my purposely and freshly acquired folding table.  

At one end I placed an assortment of metalware.

 And at the other end, a selection of teaware:

The Chinese tea set with the koi fish motif comes in several different colours, which are not visible here, but which are hiding under the table.  

Next to the tea set was a copy of a book co-authored by my esteemed friend, Dr. Robert Fouser:

Which was next to a number of Korean celadon pieces:

Sandwiched between the ceramics and the teaware, various Burmese, Chinese, and Thai objects:

Many of these items were carried to and from the market in these two lacquered Vietnamese chests:

They are themselves available on the website, and they also made good display surfaces, today for 2 Korean lacquerware food boxes and a Chinese album of scenes from the classic 18th century novel, A Dream of Red Mansions.  

The most cumbersome item to transport was the reproduction Chinese horseshoe-back chair, which you can see in 2 of the pictures above.  It was worth it, however, because it afforded me a seat during slow moments of the day.

I waited 3 hours to make the first sale, but then the seal was broken, so to speak.  All told, I did well enough to want to continue for the rest of the season.  That means you'll be able to find me at the market for the next 3 months.  Please stop by to browse or just say hello!

The Market at the Park takes place most Mondays between 9am and 3pm, in Victoria Park, Kincardine.  The park is located between Durham Market Street South and Durham Market Street North in Kincardine, ON, just off Queen Street.  

The items featured in this post will be available at the Monday Market until they are all sold.  As they disappear, they will be replaced by other items, so please check back regularly.

Don't forget to like and follow the L&P Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/lotusandpersimmon/

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