China Experience (Vintage)


China Experience -- Vintage silk-bound book of photos of China. Signed copy. 225 pages.

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China Experience -- This vintage volume features 312 full-colour photos of all the regions and major cities of China, and is beautifully bound in patterned red silk.  It was published by Pacific Delight Tours, Inc., of New York, NY, but printed in Japan.  No publication date is given, but from the appearance of the places, things and people in the photos, we surmise that it is most likely from the 1980s.   An English text by Francis Luk (1922-2007), founder and operator of Pacific Delight Tours, and a trailblazer in post-war tourism to China, accompanies the photos.  The preface page bears an inscription in blue ink with the author's autograph.

Provenance: Purchased from the Foreign Book Store, Itaewon-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 2010.

Dimensions: width 24.5cm (a little under 10"); length 32.5cm (a little under 13"); width of spine 2cm (about 4/5 of an inch).

Shipping & handling not included; inquire for rates.

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