Our Nation's Path


Our Nation's Path by Park Chung Hee; published by Hollym Press, 1970.

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Our Nation's Path: Ideology of Social Reconstruction by Park Chung Hee was first published by the Hollym Corporation, Publishers, in 1962; this edition dates from 1970.  Issued as one of 3 volumes, this volume is a companion to Major Speeches by Park Chung Hee, which Lotus & Persimmon is also pleased to offer.  We do not have the 3rd volume.  

In Our Nation's Path, Park Chung Hee, de facto leader and then President of Korea from his seizure of power in 1961 until his assassination in 1979, reflects on and analyzes Korea's history, its contemporary situation, and its path forward.  

From Chapter 1: 

"The realities faced by our people today are by no means easy or comfortable.  Our present circumstances and environment bestow not so much happiness as misfortune, not so much prosperity as penury.  It is so both internally and externally."

There are 232 pages of text, plus appendices.  

This copy is in excellent condition for its age.  

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