C.H. Park: Speeches


Major Speeches by Park Chung Hee, compiled by Shin Bum Shik.  

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Major Speeches by Park Chung Hee is a companion volume to Our Nation's Path, by President Park Chung Hee, published in the same year, 1970, by the same publishers, Hollym Corporation.  There was originally a 3rd volume in this group, but we don't have it at Lotus & Persimmon.  

In Major Speeches by Park Chung Hee, Shin Bum Shik, former press secretary to President Park and Minister of Information at the time of writing, presents more than 50 translated and edited speeches delivered by Park between 1964 and 1970 both in Korea and overseas.

There are 386 pages of text.  

This book is in excellent condition for its age.  

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